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Just when you thought "Dead of Summer" couldn't get any more terrifying, they decide to throw a bear trap and a shocking death into the mix. Beware, there are spoilers below!




Cricket's (Amber Coney) gruesome death scene ended the episode on a horrifying note, but at least it seems like she had fun shooting it. In an exclusive Zap2it video, Coney says that she's glad her character got to go out with a bang -- or rather, with a SNAP!

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An overnight camping trip sends every camper and counselor in Camp Stillwater into the woods, which sounds like the perfect recipe for disaster. Sure enough, the Tall Man (Tony Todd) tells Joel (Eli Goree) to kill Amy (Elizabeth Lail) or someone else will suffer the consequences.

Whatever the deal is with the Tall Man, we now officially know that this haunting is not news to Joel.

The ghost of Camp Stillwater haunted his older brother -- driving him to suicide -- and the spirit has apparently been plaguing Joel long before his return to the lake.

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Any hope that this might turn out to be a "Casper the Friendly Ghost" type of situation flew out the window, when the Tall Man's threats come true -- sending poor Cricket to an early grave.

As sad as we are to see her go, at least Coney sounds like she's happy with her death scene. ""I was pretty stoked that they did my death a lot of justice," Coney says.

"Dead of Summer" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Freeform.