"Doctor Who" SOURCE: BBC

For most people, July 6 seems like any other day. But for “Doctor Who” fans — and residents of a certain small, English village — it’s a very special day of the year, because it’s the only day of the year.

In the classic serial “The Android Invasion” from 1975, the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) and Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen) stumble upon a village called Devesham that is most unusual. Investigating a pub, the Doctor discovers that the coins in the register are all freshly-minted, its dartboard unused and all the phones are dead. Perhaps most suspiciously, when he sees a calendar marked “July 6” he rips off the calendar page (see 7:05 in the video below) to reveal … another page labeled July 6, and another beneath that and so on.

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“Strange,” the Doctor remarks. “A village without a future.”

At the risk of making a long story short, the Doctor later comes to realize that his environment is part of an experiment that involves himself, androids in U.N.I.T. disguises and a plot to take over the world. But if you’ve ever yearned for a mash-up between Doctor Who and Bill Murray’s “Groundhog Day,” there’s no better date to dream.

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Of course, not even a time-traveling 1975 Doctor could have predicted that the year 2016 would all but render page-tearing-calendars obsolete, replaced instead by tiny supercomputers in our pockets operating ostensibly as phones. So, to celebrate July 6 properly, feel free to set your phone reminders to alert you every hour or so and pretend July 6 is starting over … and over … and over again.

Pretend you’re in the Fleur-de-Lys pub and hoist a ginger beer or three as you attempt to solve the mystery. After all, it’s just what the Doctor ordered.