Peter Capaldi on 'Doctor Who'

If there’s been one aspect of Peter Capaldi’s run on “Doctor Who” that has been a thorn in the side of many fans, it’s the sonic sunglasses. The sonic screwdriver replacement came about in Season 9 and almost immediately earned the hate of Whovians who didn’t like the change.

Toward the end of the season though, the Doctor got a new sonic screwdriver and it seemed as though the glasses were on the way out. That is, until the BBC tweeted a photo of the screwdriver and the glasses on location while shooting Season 10.

Evidently, nobody’s learned their lesson, even though showrunner Steven Moffat has said in the past that he knows fans hate them.

So why keep them around? There’s something to be said to not simply giving into, but the sonic sunglasses are nothing more than a gimmick that didn’t connect with the audience.

The argument can be made that many things about “Doctor Who” are gimmicks as well, but for the most part there’s also the historical component that comes with being entrenched in the mythology of a TV show over 50 years old.

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Moffat should be applauded for everything he’s done for “Doctor Who” — including bringing it the mainstream attention in the United States that eluded it for years — but that doesn’t mean every idea of his is instant gold. While Capaldi has come into his own as the Doctor under Moffat’s watch, the sunglasses are clearly the part of his run as the titular Time Lord that we’d all rather forget.

Sadly, it doesn’t look like we’ll be able to. Though who knows, perhaps these particular sunglasses are less sonic than the others? The design is a bit different, but does that actually mean anything?

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After all, the sonic shades have been destroyed more than once, only to miraculously show back up. Who’s to say the Doctor didn’t simply update the look a bit?

Regardless of their purpose, let this serve as a note to “Who” producers: Please stop trying to make sonic sunglasses a thing. You tried your hardest last season and it didn’t work. They didn’t become the new fez or bow tie of the Whovian world. Let’s just call it a day on this particular accessory and move on.