Any feminist will tell you that there’s at least one moment in all romantic movies where you can’t help but think, “Run, girl. Toxic masculinity is not romantic, it’s SCARY. Run!”

Unfortunately, most romantic movies skate right by the problematic — or just straight up misogynistic — plot lines and right on to the happily ever after. After all, women go to movies to watch people fall in love, not fight the patriarchy, right?

YouTube star Laci Green is out to change all that by taking some of our favorite, iconic romantic tales and turning them on their ears. In a hilarious spoof video, Green and her cast of YouTubers ask the question: What if famous movie romances were feminist?

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What if Bella from “Twilight” had actually been as creeped out as she should have been that Edward sneaked into her room every night to watch her sleep? What if “Grease” or “Sixteen Candles” had actually taken the time to call out the super gross rape culture that made its way into the dialogue and lyrics?

Perhaps most importantly, what if the entire mess that was “Knocked Up” could have been avoided by simply mentioning a woman’s right to choose?

It’s all food for thought the next time you watch a romantic comedy.