In the 31st century, all cartoons will be remade as live-action movies and all live-action movies will be made as cartoons.

That sounds like one of the hilarious plot points from “Futurama,” Matt Groening and David X. Cohen’s beloved 1999-2013 series that took an irreverent look at what human existence will look like hundreds of years from now. But you don’t need to travel far to find a glimpse of the goofy future described above, because one die-hard “Futurama” fan has already gone ahead and made an impressive-looking live-action film trailer that does exactly that.

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“Fan-O-Rama” is the name of the phony trailer, and as you watch it you might feel a strange mix of awe, humor and distinct creepiness. Philip J. Fry and Bender Bending Rodriguez the robot are cool to see in live-action, sure. Leela, however, comes across as just plain terrifying with her one eye.

The trailer does a great job of nailing some of the show’s classic elements, from Richard Nixon’s head in a jar to Professor Farnsworth’s off-the-wall inventions. The special effects are very impressive, as are the CG aliens and animals (is that a giraffe?) that seem to make cameos.

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Sadly, “Fan-O-Rama” is a fake trailer for a fake movie. But hey, if it worked for “Deadpool,” don’t give up hope — perhaps some time in the next 1100 years, the “Futurama” crew will be headed to an outer space drive-in near you.

"Fan-O-Rama" SOURCE: YouTube