After 11 seasons on the air, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” fans most likely realize that the gang has some serious issues. From drug use to blackface to old men in wet T-shirt contests, the actions of the owners of Paddy’s Pub have always been fueled by questionable ideas and an even more questionable sense of morality.

But now, a new theory has emerged that kicks everything up a notch and might make you re-evaluate the show, “Usual Suspects”-style. Could Dennis Reynolds be a serial killer?

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Check out the video above for the evidence, laid out rather convincingly through clips from the beloved FXX series. Created by YouTuber Ryan Hollinger, the “Ryan’s Theory” clip explains that Dennis (played by Glenn Howerton) is often the target of insinuations (both subtle and sometimes explicit) that he is has “sadistic, unorthodox fantasies.” But although viewers typically think such moments are simply funny, throwaway gags about his kinkiness in the bedroom, perhaps it goes even deeper.

“You’d think of me as a pretty methodical person, wouldn’t you?” Dennis asks Charlie in one revealing clip that Hollinger uses as evidence.

When Charlie responds, “Oh yeah, like a serial killer,” Dennis just laughs suspiciously.

Using the FBI’s criteria for criminal profiling, the clip analyzes the evidence: Lots of women coming in and out of his life, a constant need for sexual approval, a belief in his own status as a deity, and more.

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Much of the argument centers on Ted Bundy — and when you see footage of the real-life killer, charismatic and handsome, it does almost feel like Howerton may be copying him in his performance. This is around the time that the theory becomes less funny, and more just plain creepy.

With at least two more seasons left to go, it seems like Howerton and “It’s Always Sunny” have plenty of time left to pay off this possible serial-killing subplot. So, is a big revelation about Dennis on the horizon? Like so much else with The Gang, it seems like anything is possible.