John Oliver stopped by "The Late Show" Wednesday (July 27), which means that politics were the hot topic between the two former "Daily Show" correspondents, Oliver and Stephen Colbert.

Oliver says he has been glued to the conventions -- Republican last week and Democratic this week -- and for him, there's one superstar emerging: Tim Kaine, U.S. senator from Virginia and Hillary Clinton's running mate.

"I'm all about Tim Kaine. Where are my Kainiacs in the audience?" says Oliver, before launching into a bit about how Tim Kaine is "America's step-dad."

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"The level of dad jokes and impressions that came out of that man's soft face ..." says Oliver. "He did a dad flex at the end [of his DNC speech] where the only thing he was flexing was his face. That guy, Tim Kaine. That's the star of the evening. Forget the president, Tim Kaine is where it's at. I've never wanted to be called 'scamp' by someone as much as I have him. 'Hey sport! Bedtime scamp, late huh?'"

Oliver also joined Colbert in revamping the Hillary Clinton "Fight Song" that Elizabeth Banks put together. Except he wasn't quite as gung-ho about it as Colbert was.

"I did not agree to appear in this, I was just told to wait here with these things on my ears. No one mentioned this weirdly earnest a capella song for Clinton. Awful ... I did not agree to be part of this, this song is going to irritate people," says Oliver.

He's not wrong.