It’s the season of political endorsements and while “Last Week Tonight” is still on break, John Oliver released a new web exclusive to tackle the topic on Sunday (July 17). With the Republican National Convention — or as he refers to it, “Uncle Sam’s Rock Bottom Yankee Doodle Suicide Pact 2016” — right around the corner, Oliver used this as the perfect time to endorse a few things.

And why not? With Hillary Clinton garnering support from Gloria Steinem, Stevie Wonder and Oprah … and Donald Trump getting Kid Rock and Stephen Baldwin, the world is Oliver’s oyster. Spoiler alert: John Oliver does not officially endorse oysters. Nor does he back any political figures, saying, “Because of my accent, the only elected officials I can endorse are prime ministers, viceroys and magical railway controllers.”

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So what things outside the realm of politics does Oliver endorse? Here’s the neat and tidy list:

  • Animals wearing people clothes — They really are “charming and a wholesome delight.” Not like people in animal clothes … which is “generally, a specific sex thing.”
  • Interspecies friendships — Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton fall into this category, because of course they do.
  • Gingham shirts with misleading ties that actually go — Seriously get some style help here.
  • “Pushing Tin” — Because sometimes, a Billy Bob Thornton/John Cusack comedy is the best for a mid-afternoon snooze.

Getting tired of these web exclusives? Have no fear John Oliver fans, for “Last Week Tonight” will be back with a new episode just in time to take on the RNC on Sunday, July 24 to HBO.