Has WWE found its next superstars in James Corden’s parents? If so, the “Late Late Show” host deserves credit for scouting such great talent.

Corden decided to send his parents to an episode of “WWE Raw” just to see what would happen. Surely he didn’t expect them to become honorary members of the WWE Tag Team Champions New Day, though.

In the video, Malcolm and Margaret Corden meet the likes of Sheamus, The Miz, R-Truth and Goldust. It’s with New Day that they really find their wrestling soulmates, though. They even don unicorn horns and dance their way to the ring with the champs at one point.

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The true highlight is the sweaty hugs Margaret gets after the New Day win their match, followed by Malcolm ditching his shirt to compare bellies with Xavier Woods. Clearly these fast friends are meant to be tag team partners forever.