Since taking over as host of “The Late Show,” Stephen Colbert has had a difficult time bringing in the views. Going from his nine-year stint on “The Colbert Report,” the Emmy-winning personality decidedly put his famous persona to bed once taking the helm from David Letterman. Since then, his ratings have been so-so, he’s been outdone by the likes of John Oliver — on the political satire front — and Jimmy Fallon, with regards to millennial appeal.

After the Emmy nominations were announced, and “The Late Show” was not listed, it seems that certain actions are being taken to spark new interest in his late night brand. First and foremost, Colbert will take his show live for the next two weeks to cover both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. Secondly, word has it that Jon Stewart will appear with him in some fashion. And third, it appears that Colbert’s alter-ego may be returning.

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Appearing on “CBS This Morning,” Colbert discussed his plans for the next two weeks — he’s not just the host, but also a writer and Executive Producer on the show. Saying his show will be “sponsored by Adderall and Red Bull,” the notion of going live for this duration of time is to, as he puts it, “stay as topical as possible.”

And then, as if our minds were being read, the notion of his “Colbert Report” persona returning was brought up. This will be the first political season where Colbert would be appearing as himself throughout his coverage. However, he coyly teased a resurfacing of old-school Colbert to the delight of fans everywhere.

Mostly avoiding eye contact, Colbert says, “It doesn’t mean he won’t show up. He’s very needy and he loves the limelight, maybe even more than I do.” Well, that’s enough to get our gears a’ grinding!

Could old “Colbert Report” segments like The Threat Down and The Word return as well? It’s possible, but the only way to truly find out is to tune into CBS starting Monday, July 18. We don’t think the Republican National Convention has ever felt so appealing!