It’s a safe assessment that Netflix’s “Making a Murderer” was one of the breakout surprise hits of 2015. Once it premiered on the streaming service, it took mere days before talk of the Teresa Halbach trial swept the nation.

With those conversations, multiple topics were raised regarding Steven Avery’s possible innocence, the state of Wisconsin’s criminal justice system and the tireless work of Avery’s attorneys — Dean Strang and Jerry Buting.

Now, with new attorney Kathleen Zellner — and the new evidence she’s submitting for an appeal — it’s time to get ready for more “Making a Murderer.” Netflix has renewed the docu-series for another season and it’s possible this time out, we will get concrete evidence regarding Avery’s role in Halbach’s murder.

But, will Strang and Buting be a part of the new episodes? By all accounts, the answer may be a resounding NO.

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On Wednesday (July 27), InTouch Weekly received an exclusive letter from Avery denouncing the work of his former lawyers. Currently serving life without the possibility of parole, Avery places the blame solely on Strang and Buting in a handwritten letter submitted to the magazine. Below, you can see an excerpt from the letter in question:

Photo Credit: InTouch Weekly
Photo Credit: InTouch Weekly

“Dean and Jerry didn’t do no investigation on this case,” Avery writes, “if they did I would not be in prison, They would have the Suspect if they did there job!!”  It may be surprising to some to see such a shift in how Avery viewed his former attorneys …

Then again, the case took place over a decade ago and while Strang and Buting have moved on in their careers — even touring the country after the series hit it big — Avery has remained locked away at Waupun Correctional Institution. That’s a long time for one to reflect.

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According to the events as they are presented in Netflix’s series, both Strang and Buting had their work cut out for them from the get-go. There are many moments where the audience could feel the anger and frustration both lawyers dealt with on a daily basis — from the DNA evidence, to the possibly planted car keys … it was hard not to bang your heads along with the two lawyers.

Avery continues, “Lawyers sould loose there license when they dont investigate they case to proof there client’s and they violating the Ethics, the State should take there license for good.”

Here’s hoping Zellner will bring to the appeal the exoneration Avery is hoping for. She’s well known for helping the wrongfully convicted get justice, so at the very least, the new season will tackle this new trial.

As for his former attorneys, Jerry Buting’s not harboring any ill will towards his former client.