On Monday (July 18), Jimmy Kimmel sent his Aunt Chippy to the Cosmopolitan Casino in Las Vegas to play blackjack -- and if she wins, the studio audience wins.

The first time she did this, she won $100,000 for the studio audience. But this time, she has a bad luck charm sitting next to her -- a sunglassed, mulleted Matt Damon.

"I'm just a city boy, born and raised in south Detroit. I took a midnight train going anywhere," deadpans Damon.

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The actor, who is in Las Vegas for the "Jason Bourne" premiere, has crashed Aunt Chippy's black jack game as part of his on-going feud with Kimmel.

But Kimmel's aunt is OK with it. "If I knew he was gonna be here, I woulda shaved my legs, Jimmy," says Aunt Chippy.

"You know this man has robbed casinos with George Clooney, right?" Kimmel says to the pit boss.

But Aunt Chippy loses and it is all Matt Damon's fault, of course.

"Now we have no money and I'll tell you why -- because Matt Damon showed up. He took all your money from you and now we have nothing. Unbelievable!" says Kimmel, as Damon gets a stack of $10,000 out of his pocket and gives it to Aunt Chippy to keep playing.

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In fact, after she loses again, Damon gets out another $10,000 for Aunt Chippy -- and Damon and Kimmel would like everyone to know this is real money.

"You know, you should give the studio audience $10,000 apiece just for sitting through your monologue," cracks Damon.

Well, at least in that case the studio audience would get something, because by the time Aunt Chippy and Matt Damon are done, there is no money for anyone.