"Ghostbuster"   SOURCE: SONY

Until now, the “Ghostbusters” ad campaign has been most noteworthy for the ugliness that has surrounded it. With each trailer, sneak-peek photo or celebrity appearance has come debates about sexism among fans, some convinced that the all-female reboot will ruin the franchise, others arguing that judging the film prematurely is the very definition of gender discrimination.

Now comes news that the funny ladies in the jumpsuits — who have largely managed to restrain themselves from the social media hate — have put a scene in the film that addresses the trolls. If you’re among their ranks you might want to get ready — because when you head to the theater on July 15 to judge the final product, you may just find yourself being judged as well.

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The summer blockbuster began screening for advance audiences recently, and details have predictably begun to leak. Among the revelations is the fact that there’s a scene in “Ghostbusters” where the characters upload a video to YouTube. In a “Mean Tweets“-like fashion, the girls then read out the cruel comments they receive.

According to Yahoo Movies, the scene was expanded from its briefer script origins, allowing improv-trained  actresses Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig to vent about some of the daily hate they were reading online while shooting the film.

“It was added [to the script],” McCarthy tells the outlet.

“I feel like the part was in [the script] already,” adds Kristen Wiig, “But we changed what was said.”

“We did something on the day that slightly tweaked it,” McCarthy adds.

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Although McCarthy and Wiig play coy when it comes to saying what exactly their characters offer in response to the online hate, suffice it to say that when you see the film now, you’ll recognize the moment. Apparently, these new Ghostbusters have a new catchphrase: I ain’t afraid of no trolls.