The newest gaming craze sweeping the nation is Pokemon Go and it truly is everywhere now … including marquee MMA match-ups.

In London Saturday (July 16), welterweight Michael “Venom” Page knocked out Evangelist “Cyborg” Santos. But it wasn’t the flying knee to the face that was the cherry on top. No, after the knock-out, Venom donned a Pokemon hat and proceeded to roll a Pokeball at his opponent. Needless to say, Venom is the only person with a Cyborg in his Pokedex. He has also kept his undefeated MMA record intact, at 11-0.

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So far, Pokemon Go has been used to target robbery victims, led unsuspecting players to dead bodies and even invaded “The Walking Dead.”

Is there any stopping this latest cultural phenomenon?

The Venom-Cyborg fight airs Saturday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Spike TV.