Merely three days ahead of its Season 2 premiere, USA surprised “Mr. Robot” fans the Internet over when they dropped a very brief peek at the show’s new episode. It all went down in a very fsociety way, during Sunday’s (July 10) Facebook Live Q&A session with the cast.

We’d tell you to head on over the Mr. Robot Facebook page to check out the conversation — moderated by “Key & Peele’s” Keegan-Michael Key — but it’d be pointless. After a few hours of being live, the video has vanished. What we can tell you is this: the assumed hour-long conversation was cut short at roughly the 17 minute mark when an fsociety member cut into the feed. It wasn’t long before the Season 2 premiere episode was playing for all to see.

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But what was talked about in the chat before this interruption? Zap2it has some highlights.

The stakes are higher

We already know Season 2 will go darker, which still sort of boggles the mind. When the cast was asked if they thought “Mr. Robot” could incite a real world revolution, Rami Malek had this to say:

“What our show does, especially this season, is here’s a very massive movement that we’ve created but there are serious implications and so … at least if you’re going to set off trying to change the world, I think you have that thought behind it of what might be the actual consequences and results.”

Angela becomes brainwashed by Evil Corp

Through the story presented in Season 1, Angela slowly begins to get folded into the environment of Evil Corp. It may have begun with ulterior motives, but once she got blood on her shoes, fans could see where she was heading.

Portia Doubleday spoke on this, saying, “I think that that’s so interesting that people can identify with because it doesn’t happen over night. It’s a very slow change. If you took that one scene … if you’d only see that one scene with Angela with the Pradas, you’d be like that’s who she is — she drank the Kool-Aid. But the progression of that moment is really justified with what she’s kinda been through.”

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Elliott’s struggles become much more ‘difficult’

We’re assuming this is partially where the darker tone of the show will come from. When asked about challenges in the new season, Rami Malek pointed to the rough ride of emotions he endured through Season 1. The big difference here — on a personal level for Elliott — is that he is completely aware now of Mr. Robot’s (Christian Slater) existence. For the character to acknowledge the hallucinations he’s having are real, while still trying to juggle a normal life, is something Malek called very “difficult.”

“Mr. Robot” Season 2 premieres Wednesday, July 13 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on USA.