Taking a page from the playbook of “Game of Thrones,” the second season of “Mr. Robot” roared back on Wednesday (July 13) by announcing loud and clear that no character was safe. To do so, however, necessitated the sudden, gruesome and shocking death of a character fans became attached to as a series star in Season 1.

Read on for all the violent details. But be warned: Serious spoilers ahead.

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Throughout Season 1, Michel Gill’s Gideon Goddard had become a fan favorite. The actor — whose unique mix of sharp line delivery and sensitivity made him a standout as President Garrett Walker on “House of Cards” — brought similar tools to the role of Elliot’s employer. When we met him, he was a successful businessman with a genuine concern for his employees; by the end of the season, he had become a sad scapegoat for the acts of fsociety.

Elliot realizes as much, as he explains in one of his to-the-audience voiceovers in Season 1. In his mind, Gideon is one of the few honestly good people he knows — but as regrettable as it might be to take down his company, he sees it as necessary.

In the Season 2 premiere, Gideon seemed to be along for the narrative ride as he attempted to rebuild his life. However, a scene in a bar quickly changed all that as he encountered a stranger who at first seemed to be a fan (Gideon has been in the news in the aftermath of the hackings), then perhaps an admirer (Gideon is gay), and then finally an assassin.

mr robot season 1 gideon Mr. Robots shocking premiere death reminds us no one is safe

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Shot in the neck and lying in a pool of his own blood, Gideon’s sad farewell is a coda on a tragic life. One of the few “nice guys” in the “Mr. Robot” world, the gunshot rendered him unable to even get out a word in his defense. He was never behind the hack, he never possessed much more than the willingness to be a submissive cog in the corporate system — but he was one of the most sympathetic “Mr. Robot” characters, and a memorable one as well, thanks to Gill’s fine work.