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It feels like it’s been forever since we got a good therapy session with Archie Hopper (Raphael Sbarge) on “Once Upon a Time,” but TV Line reports that Sbarge will be back in Storybrooke for Season 6 with a new patient.

While there’s no news on who this mysterious new patient could be, we’ve got a few guesses.

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Practically everyone in Storybrooke needs massive amounts of therapy at this point, but there are five characters in particular who we’d like to see sit down for a session with Dr. Hopper.



Henry (Jared Gilmore) has had a pretty rough pre-pubescent life, and things don’t seem to be getting any easier for him. Being the author is a huge responsibility, and it’s one he’s not exactly shouldering with ease. We get that he was originally in therapy because Regina (Lana Parilla) was trying to convince him he was insane, but at this stage in the game, he might benefit from talking about his magic issues with the resident therapist.



Poor Regina has lost not one, but two epic loves in her life, and now she has an insane alter-ego running around town. When you literally have an evil twin out to get you, it’s time to check yourself in for some self-reflection and professional help. Here’s hoping Archie can help her work through her grief as well as the identity issues that will no doubt crop up when she comes face to face with the Evil Queen.



We’re still shocked that this woman is allowed to be near her child without some serious therapy going into the mix — especially now that Robin isn’t around to supervise her. Zelena (Rebecca Mader) made some great progress last year on her mommy issues, but we think Archie could really help her dig a little deeper in order to become a better mother to her newborn baby.

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Pregnancy hormones aside, choosing to put yourself under a sleeping curse indicates some serious issues that need to be addressed, no matter what Dark One/Underworld situation you’re in. Plus, waking up after missing your entire pregnancy is practically a homemade recipe for postpartum depression. Belle (Emilie de Ravin) should get herself in therapy, stat.


mine now OUAT: 5 characters who need a Dr. Hopper therapy session, STAT

Not for nothing, but Hyde (Sam Witwer) has literally been living with multiple personality disorder for years, and he’s finally in control for the first time. He doesn’t seem like the kind of guy that would seek therapy for his issues — he strikes us more as the “murder first, sort out your feelings later” type — but he could probably benefit quite a bit from a few sessions with Archie. Who knows, maybe he’ll grow a conscience?

“Once Upon a Time” returns Sept. 25 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.