First and foremost, Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) isn’t dead. If you remember, dear “Preacher” fans, we posed the notion that AMC decided to kill off our favorite Irish vampire last week. Yes, it was a silly notion, but the show is going quite off book from the Garth Ennis source material, we had to ask. Leave it to Tulip (Ruth Negga) to adopt a handsome dog from a shelter … only to feed it to the burnt up dude.

But, “What about Eugene?,” you may be asking. Yes … what about Eugene (Ian Colletti), indeed.

Sunday’s (July 17) episode, titled “El Valero,” found Jesse neck deep in some deep-seeded Christian guilt. It’s well earned, too. Not only has Custer (Dominic Cooper) lost his way, he let the power of Genesis get the best of him and thusly send Eugene straight to hell. If Cassidy didn’t set himself ablaze, we’re not sure Jesse would have reached this “come to God” moment so soon.

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It’s a baffling moment when we see him pull Arseface up from out of the ground. While this storyline never happened in the comics, it didn’t strike us as odd. In a world of Irish vampires and devout men serving the God of Meat, anything is possible.

Yet, it didn’t take long for the series to reveal Eugene as a “Mr. Robot”-like hallucination. We knew it was too good to be true, this Eugene seemed way too — what’s a good way of putting this? — aware of his surroundings. There was a cognizance there that is more an extension of Custer’s psyche than anything Eugene, as a character, should muster.

If anything, this turning point with the Adelphi angels, the failure at keeping Genesis out of Jesse and the lack of a Eugene rescue, it feels like the series is finally taking viewers to the point where the first issue of the comics really begins. That church is going to come down. It’s only a matter of time.

But before it does, it looks like Jesse is dead-set on bringing God to the town of Ratwater. Everybody’s got to have goals.

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