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Alex (Priyanka Chopra) might have moved on from the FBI life, but we’re not so sure the intelligence business is done with her yet.

Last we saw, Alex was being approached by none other than the CIA to join their ranks and help defend her country, but her final decision was cut off and left as a great, big cliffhanger to kick off Season 2. Chances are good, however, that our favorite female agent will be testing her skills at Langley when “Quantico” returns.

On top of a new three-letter agency, “Quantico” is getting some new faces in the fall, and it sounds like Alex will be juggling agents, thieves and attorneys now that she’s headed to the CIA. Check out the four characters heading our way in “Quantico” Season 2.

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Owen Hall (Blair Underwood)

Now that Alex will likely have to go through training again — this time at “The Farm”– it stands to reason that she’ll need a new mentor. TV Line describes Owen as a “charming and direct” CIA officer who will catch the eye of every recruit under his supervision.

Dayana Mampasi (Pearl Thusi)

Deadline describes Dayana as “a driven, disciplined, type-A lawyer,” who went to work for her parents firm after graduating from Harvard. If Alex is having legal trouble again in Season 2, this girl sounds like the perfect candidate to represent her in a federal hearing.

Harry Doyle (Russell Tovey) 

It sounds like Alex will be meeting a super-spy or two, if Harry Doyle is any indication. According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Part Thomas Crown, part grown-up Artful Dodger, the mysterious Harry can be anything to anybody — and is just as likely to seduce your husband as he is to pick his pocket when it’s over.”


Another possible agent for Alex to tangle with is the mysterious Lydia. While there’s no casting news available yet TV Line‘s casting call describes her as “Jessica Jones by night, Jessica Chastain in Zero Dark Thirty by day,” so we love this multi-lingual babe already.

“Quantico” returns Sunday, September 25th at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.