The 2016 Republican National Convention kicked off on Monday (July 18) and while it was opening night, there were a number of highlights from the ceremony.

From Scott Baio to Melania Trump, things felt quite different for the RNC as compared to previous years. And while big Republican players — the Bush family, Mitt Romney and Lindsay Graham, to name a few — were not in attendance, some notable things took place.

If you missed any part of the RNC and don’t want to be left out of Tuesday morning’s conversations, we’ll bring you up to speed on the moments that had everyone buzzing from Night 1 of the RNC…

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Scott Baio was introduced as an actor, a director and star from “Happy Days” — obviously, the crowd has no love for “Charles in Charge.” While it’s not a usual thing to see Chachi take on the role of political attack dog, he did just that for Donald Trump.

Baio echoed remnants of Mitt Romney’s speech from the 2012 convention, when he discussed the meaning of being an American. “It doesn’t mean getting free stuff,” he says. “It means sacrificing, winning, losing, failing, succeeding.”

If Scott Baio was considered a political attack dog, Rudy Giuliani should be considered the beast guarding the gates of hell. Yes that sounds a bit dramatic. But for anyone watching the event play out, Giuliani’s vitriolic speech was shouted at such a volume that it’s hard not to picture fire and brimstone.

You can view the entire speech in the video above. Or, if you so choose, just reference Twitter’s reaction below. Choose … wisely.

Okay, now that we got past all of that “greatness” — his words, not ours — let’s move onto the night’s main attraction: Melania Trump.

It has been pretty big news that Donald’s wife would be taking the stage to deliver a speech on opening night. Given her previous public speaking outing, there were worries that she may not deliver the goods.

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But first, let’s admire that Donald Trump entrance …

It’s not usually the case to see the party’s presumptive nominee taking the stage so early in a convention. That’s not to say it hasn’t happened before — Bill Clinton made a surprise early stop at the DNC in 1992 — but what makes this interesting, is Donald Trump’s entrance to the stage.

Harkening back to his days on NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice,” Trump entered in a cloud of fog. Set to “We Are the Champions” by Queen, a few observations hit our radar that we couldn’t possibly ignore. Aside from the Charlie Sheen-like focus on the detail of winning, that is …

Still, aside from the grandiose — and … mysterious? — nature of his entrance, the big highlight of the night was Melania Trump’s speech. It’s not that her message was unique. She didn’t stray from any of the GOP — or Donald’s — talking points. Surprisingly, though, she was able to hold her own and that, in itself, is a success.

A lot of scrutiny has been on Melania and, while her accent may have off-putting to some, she was able to successfully give America a better understanding of who she is and what she stands for — however scripted that may be.

Then again, for those out there impressed by her public speaking skills, it may be due to a tiny bit of plagiarism on Melania’s part. Woopsie …

With Night 1 out of the way, the focus is now on Tuesday. What noteworthy moments will transpire, aside from the party officially nominating Donald Trump and Mike Pence for the highest office in the land?

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Aside from an appearance by Chris Christie, Paul Ryan and Tiffany and Donald Trump, Jr., it’s really anyone’s guess. But with UFC president Dana White and Trump Winery’s Kerry Woolard on the schedule, it should be an interesting night … to say the least.