As Night 2 of the 2016 Republican National Convention began, talk continued to be dominated by the bizarre “did she plagiarize?” scandal that tainted Melania Trump’s speech the evening before. In defense of the would-be First Lady, as well as her orange-hued husband, the evening was marked by Republican heavy-hitters and children of The Donald coming out swinging.

If you missed any of the RNC happenings, you don’t have to feel like a Guam delegate stuck in the cheap seats. Read on for the moments that had everyone buzzing.

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In the eyes of many, Donald Trump should have selected New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to be his Vice President nominee, if only so he could fill the stereotypical “pit bull” role of a VP on the campaign trail. On Tuesday (July 19), Christie seemed determined to remind people why he would have been perfect for that job.

Love him or hate him, you have to admit that it’s a clever speech structure to present “the case” against Hillary Clinton — on various issues in front of a convention choir — then ask for a verdict that will inevitably be, “Guilty!” As chants of “Lock her up!” spilled over, Christie had accomplished his job of riling up the masses, and he could only stand at the podium and smile.

The other sister

“Here I am, a little new to the convention scene,” started the 22-year-old daughter of Donald and his ex-wife Marla Maples. “[My father] has always helped me be the best version of myself … He draws out the talent and drive in people, so they can achieve their full potential.”

A recent college grad, Tiffany’s speech was well-received. Don’t be surprised if she becomes this election’s Meghan McCain.

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Paging Dr. Carson

Ben Carson had an interesting Republican primary run. He went from inspiring to embarrassing in the eyes of many, first being welcomed and then seemingly overstaying it. Still, he has many admirers — many of whom may have been amazed at his enthusiastic RNC speech. A long way from the half-asleep stereotype, if only this Ben Carson had run for president … perhaps he could have made more of a dent.

Nominating Dad

One of the more memorable moments of the evening came when Donald Trump, Jr. got to officially declare his father as the Republican nominee for President.

Shortly afterwards, he would give a speech that almost seemed too good to be true — and sure enough, allegations of more plagiarism followed. Maybe it’s just time to admit that all politicians say the same things every four years.

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Who’s Running Again?

The tensions between Trump and Paul Ryan have been well-documented. Perhaps that is why the Speaker used his speech to call for party unity and seemingly position himself for future runs, but mentioned The Donald exactly once.

Honestly, Ryan’s speech felt like the political equivalent of crashing someone’s party and eating all the guac without even introducing yourself. Staying true to the theme of the night, however, there’s little doubt that Ryan and everyone else would’ve blamed it on Hillary.