If you’re a woman who comes home every night to Ryan Reynolds, there seems like a pretty good chance that you don’t have wandering eyes. Then again, if you’re Blake Lively and your baby says “Dada!” when she sees Jimmy Fallon, you might have some explaining to do.

When the star of the new shark film “The Shallows” appeared recently on “The Tonight Show,” she made it a family affair. The host had previously given her a cardboard cut-out of himself (“I don’t want you to miss me,” he explained), and after two weeks of residency at the Lively-Reynolds homestead, the prop seems to have become an obsession for the couple’s 1-year-old daughter James.

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“It messed up my home life a little bit,” Lively explained to Fallon when he asked for an update on his doppelganger. “I brought a home video to share. Prepare yourself — this may be breaking news.”

In the cute clip, little James gives the cut-out a kiss. When Lively (from behind the camera) asks “Where’s your dada?” she points to the image and says “Jimmy!”

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Addressing Fallon’s wife, Lively jokingly begins to break the news of James’ true father: “I wanted to take this time … Nancy, I love you a lot. But…”

Cracking up, Fallon replies: “Hopefully, Ryan’s not watching tonight.”