"Salem" doesn't return for its third season until Halloween week. However, with the show headed to San Diego Comic-Con, WGN America decided to give fans a treat before the cast takes the stage by releasing the full Season 3 trailer Wednesday (July 20).

The minute-and-a-half clip sets up what may be the bloodiest, most destructive season of the show yet. As the witches plot to bring the devil to Earth to create the New World -- of which they figure Salem will be the capital -- they fail to realize his true intention: death and slavery for all until humanity wipes itself out.

With the threat of total destruction looming over them, there's only one person who can stop the devil and that's his mother Mary Sibley (Janet Montgomery). Unfortunately for the world within "Salem," she was last seen dying in the Season 2 finale.

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However, if you caught a glimpse of the previous teaser trailer for Season 3, you'll know death isn't always forever on "Salem." In fact, it seems Mary might be alive after all.

Those in attendance at the Salem panel at Comic-Con will get to see not only this trailer but an extended sneak peek at what's to come. "Salem" will premieres Halloween week on WGN America.