austin highsmith scream season 2 Scream Season 2 killer odds: Not so fast, Ms. Lang

The latest “Scream” episode, titled “Village of the Damned,” featured a neat double-cross by the killer — or possibly a triple-cross, depending on the identify of the killer(s). This week also got us thinking about last week’s episode and decided one of the suspects we thought was eliminated is not in the clear yet.

Read on to find out who’s still on Zap2it’s most wanted list for “Scream” Season 2, but be warned of spoilers if you haven’t watched Tuesday’s (July 19) episode yet.

5. Sheriff Acosta, 25-1

There is still something a little fishy about the new sheriff, but until he really does something suspicious, he’s staying firmly at the bottom of this list. Obviously there’s something going on with him and Maggie (Tracy Middendorf) that connects to Brandon James and Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) as a little girl, but that doesn’t make him a killer.

4. Zoe, 20-1

It seems fairly unlikely at this point that Zoe (Kiana Brown) will be involved, since she’s still making with the smoochies with Noah (John Karna). That would be pretty twisted, even for “Scream,” because Noah’s so likable and innocent. But who knows? Maybe the stuff about her psychotic breakdown isn’t just a convenient way to explain her Season 1 absence? Maybe there’s something more there. But right now, it feels less and less likely that that is indeed the case.

3. Kieran, 15-1

amadeus serafini season seaosn 2 Scream Season 2 killer odds: Not so fast, Ms. Lang

Kieran (Amadeus Serafini) is such an interesting character because both the writing and Serafini’s performance are making him very hard to read. Part of us hopes he truly is the man for Emma and they can be happy together, while part of us would love the twisty ending of him being “Scream” the series’ Billy Loomis (Skeet Ulrich).

The cool thing about “Village of the Damned” is that the killer’s double-cross of tying Kieran up and trying to get him killed by putting him in the Brandon James outfit and duct-taping a knife to his hand makes Kieran look innocent. However, that could be a nice triple-cross where Kieran is actually working with the killer and this was designed to take the focus off him as a suspect.

2. Ms. Lang, 10-1

Two things — first off all, in re-thinking Ms. Lang’s (Austin Highsmith) attack, that’s another scenario where someone (Lang) could have been working with the killer to set up a situation where she looks like an innocent bystander. But that’s also re-treading Piper’s (Amelia Rose Blaire) attack in Season 1.

But speaking of Piper, that leads us to thing No. 2 — in the previews for next week, Piper and Ms. Lang are revealed to lived in Blessed Sisters Children’s Home together. That seems highly suspicious. It could merely explain Lang’s obsession with the Lakewood Six, but it could also mean she’s Piper’s buddy out for revenge.

1. Eli and Haley, 2-1

willa fitzgerald sean grandillo scream season 2 Scream Season 2 killer odds: Not so fast, Ms. Lang

However, the previews also show Emma coming face to face with Haley (Mary Katherine Duhon), who has been conspicuously absent for a couple episodes. Eli is also proving to be more of a dangerous guy than previously thought, so our working theory is still that these two are working together and are somehow connected to Piper.