The Internet can be a strange, wonderful, confusing place. On one hand, the entire accumulated knowledge of humankind is there at your finger tips, accessible in a matter of seconds. On the other, there is someone who has decided to use the technology to inexplicably launch a sexy Twitter crusade against Seth Rogen.

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Every day since May 26, Twitter user “Seth Rogen Photo” (@SamePhotoOfSeth) has tweeted the exact same picture at the “Neighbors” star. No words, no explanation — just a pic of a shirtless Rogen with bedroom eyes, standing in front of what looks to be a poorly-Photoshopped hillside. If you’ve ever wondered how many times you’d need to poke the affable actor with a stick before he finally screamed “STOP!” you now have your answer: 44 times.

“Who are you?” Rogen tweeted at the account on Friday (July 8), sounding like the main character in the third act of a horror movie. “Why are you doing this?”

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Of course, Rogen’s perceived living hell has probably elicited a few of the actor’s signature whooping laughs over the last several weeks. After all, if you’re the kind of guy who makes a movie like “Sausage Party,” it’s safe to say that you know how to take a dumb joke.

With the stakes raised, Seth’s sizeable fanbase began waiting for a response to the actor’s confrontational tweet. It finally arrived Saturday morning — and we’re betting you can guess what it is.