It isn’t often that a person becomes so successful in a field that their name is virtually synonymous with their title. But if you say the words “film scoring” to someone, there’s a good chance that they will immediately think of 84-year-old John Williams. He’s the man behind the themes of everything from “Jaws” to the “Indiana Jones” and “Jurassic Park” movies. Oh yeah, he also composed and performed music for a little sci-fi series called “Star Wars.”

Which is why 13-year-old students Bryce Hayashi and Michael Miller recently stood outside a suburban house on a sunny day, wielding brass instruments while paying tribute to one of the all-time greats. Wait until you see what happens next.

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Apparently, these two musicians (Michael on the flugelhorn, Bryce on the trumpet) live in the same neighborhood as Williams. It sounds like an approving relative is behind the camera, urging them on as they serenade Williams with his “Star Wars” theme. They get so into their sidewalk performance, in fact, that they don’t even notice when John Williams himself opens the front door to say hello.

“I started to listen and thought ‘Oh, they’ll never make it,'” Williams teases as he shakes their hands, referring to the high notes in his score. “But they did! You played the heck out of it, that was fantastic.”

If you can’t get enough of Bryce and Michael, be sure to check out their parking garage rehearsal below.