Ever since the first moment that Daisy Ridley’s character Rey appeared in a “Force Awakens” piece of advertising, fans have run rampant with theories. Since the Star Wars universe has always been fueled by surprising familial relationships, many of these have revolved around her mysterious lineage: Is she Luke’s daughter? Ben Kenobi’s relative? Or perhaps a twin offspring of Han and Leia?

Now, a new fan theory is emerging, and it’s far more sinister. It’s also quite convincing, and it posits that Rey is the granddaughter of Emperor Palpatine.

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Check out the well-constructed argument in the video above from YouTube user Vincent Vendetta, who has noticed multiple similarities between the cloaked man behind the Empire in the original trilogy and Ridley’s young rebel.

Much of the argument focuses on similarities in their fighting style and mannerisms (indeed, Palpatine and Rey are in fact the only two characters in the whole Star Wars universe to wield such moves). But where things get really interesting is the speculation on whose voice it was in “Force Awakens” that told Rey to kill Kylo — which doesn’t seem like a very Jedi thing for the ghost for, say Obi-Wan Kenobi, to urge her to do.

rey emperor palpatine Star Wars theory: Is Rey the granddaughter of Emperor Palpatine?

Furthermore, “The Force Awakens” seems to have hinted that Rey has a nasty temper that could eventually lead her to the Dark Side. After kicking Kylo Ren to the ground in their signature lightsaber battle she even paces, in a way reminiscent of Palpatine’s taunts. In fact, the “Force Awakens” novel (which is canon) says that she was on the verge of going to the Dark Side at that moment, and that she felt a pull that would seem to indicate her lineage.

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The video then goes on to mock the fact that “everyone and their grandmother” expects Luke to be Rey’s father — and we all know how much the Star Wars universe treasures its “Luke, I am your father” revelations. Could this new trilogy have a dark surprise up its sleeve? We’ll learn more when “Episode VIII” hits theaters in December of 2017.