Tyler Posey   SOURCE: Getty

Tyler Posey has lit up social media, fueled by an unlikely combination of sincerity, attempted humor and perceived mockery. Now, his fans are shaking their heads and wondering if he’s gay, straight … or a lamp.

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The odd behavior began Friday (July 29) when the “Teen Wolf” star posted a Snapchat while standing in front of a New York sign for Gay Street. “This is me,” he declared, with a rainbow emoticon. “I am this and this is me. I have never felt more alive. I’m gay!”

Pretty self-explanatory, don’t you think? The Internet sure did, as it went to work congratulating the actor on his brave declaration and appropriately congratulating him. However, the plot soon thickened, as Posey posted a second Snapchat that seemed to backpedal by using an old “Anchorman” joke.

“Look at that thing!” Posey commented, zooming in on an old-fashioned lantern. “Ah man, am I happy! I’ve never felt more like me than I do now! I’m lamp!”

For those of you scratching your heads, Posey seemed to be making a reference to Steve Carell’s dim-witted character in the 2004 Will Ferrell flick who famously declared: “I love lamp!” But even when you understand that, you’ll still likely remain scratching your head — because at best, Posey seems to have made a genuine declaration and then backtracked; at worst, he may have made mockery of the LGBTQ movement and the momentous, brave act of declaring one’s sexuality despite fear of acceptance.

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Of course, this being social media, the story has taken barely 24 hours to go from trending topic to backlash to apology.

“I am a big proponent of love over hate, and standing together during divisive times,” the 24-year-old star writes on Twitter following his move to delete the videos. “Although I’m not gay, I fully support the LGBTQ community. This was a moment intended to reflect that.”
According to the “Teen Wolf” star, the videos were simply a misguided attempt to make us all love each other (and perhaps, inanimate illuminatory objects) more. “Everyone, I am truly sorry to the people I’ve offended or lessened how big coming out is. I just want to spread love in this world.”