'The Challenge Rivals III'

There’s one event audiences look forward to more than anything else while watching “The Challenge.” It’s a competition that requires zero physical skill, or ingesting any part of an animal’s anatomy. The most entertaining episode of each season gets its cue once TJ Lavin announces, “It’s Trivia time.” On Wednesday’s (July 6) episode, “Rivals III” switched things up a bit and combined the Trivia challenge with another well known event, Buried Alive.

Buried Alive

Holy crap! MTV was combining the most nerve-wracking challenge with the most hilarious? It was almost too good to be true … and unfortunately, it was.

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The girls were whisked away from the house, not heard from again, until being buried alive in coffins six feet under the sand. In order to be set free, the men had to correctly answer a series of questions that tested how well they knew their partner. Lucky for the contestants — and disappointing for us — none of these questions involved the misspelling of simple words, asked anyone to name their country’s capital or featured the hilarious attempt at converting ounces to pounds.

'The Challenge Rivals III' Trivia

Honestly, it wasn’t as amusing to watch these dudes try to guess their partners’ weight. Do we need to see them try and remember the color of these ladies’ eyes? Nope, not really. It’s much more hilarious when “The Challenge” goes full “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader” on the contestants. Remember when veteran Johnny Bananas was asked what language most people speak in Australia? His answer: “Dutch.” Priceless.

TJ Lavin

How about the time when Cara Maria said Muhammed Ali’s real name was Mahatma Ghandi? Even Cohutta was shaking his head in shame.

Cohutta 'The Challenge'

Needless to say, this season’s Trivia game was an epic let-down. Don’t fix what’s not broke, MTV. This could’ve been the best episode of “The Challenge,” ever! Imagine … Devin struggles to remember how many stripes are on the American flag — CT’s answer to that question during “Free Agents” was 12 — and while his fellow contestants are relishing at his embarrassment, Cheyenne swears to murder her dumb partner the moment she gets out of her coffin. The emotional combination would’ve made for fantastic TV.

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In the end, Christina and Nate were the clear losers. It seems as if these two teammates haven’t communicated with each other once this entire season. It was actually kind of impressive how little Nate knew about his partner, even though they’ve been living together for the past few months. But what was even more impressive? Discovering how uneducated Dario is.

Dario and Nicole 'The Challenge Rivals III%22

Can this guy walk and chew gum at the same time? My goodness, how has he been hiding this whole season? Dario actually won the competition, thus proving how little knowledge may be needed to answer these random questions. And then, against his partner’s wishes, he uses his temporary power to send the only teams he’s formed an alliance with into The Jungle.

It defies logic and seems like Dario has no idea how to play this game. We will have to wait until next week to see which team of friends he sent packing. Who exactly will return to the house? And, honestly, will Nicole be able to forgive her partner? Inquiring minds want to know.

“The Challenge: Rivals III” airs Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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