Sarah and Johnny Bananas 'The Challenge Rivals III'

Every now and then there are bets that just sound like can’t lose opportunities. Like back in 2008 when everyone put their money on the undefeated New England Patriots to win in the Super Bowl against the wild card New York Giants — a team that limped their way into playoffs. But in the competition world, anything can happen. And similar to the take down of the Patriots by those Giants, Christina and Nate beating Cory and Ashley during Wednesday’s (July 13) “Challenge: Rivals III” was shocking, to say the least.

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Cory and Ashley have been a surprisingly dominant pair this entire season. Voted into the Jungle by Dario and Nicole after Cory was caught in a web of alliances, the veteran “Challenge” competitor picked the black skull. This meant he and his partner Ashley would compete in The Jungle instead of Devin and Cheyenne — a team seemingly blessed by the white skull Gods.

When someone's pushing your buttons but you trying to get right with the Lord 😂😂😂

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Devin and Cheyenne would’ve been a balanced fight. Not one person thought Cory and Ashley would lose to the scrawny mouse-like team that is Nate and Christina. But not only did these ‘Are You the One?” kids take out a major threat before the finals, they finally earned some respect from their fellow competitors.

Nate and Christina 'The Challenge Rivals III'

However, their reign was short lived. There were two eliminations in this episode and at the end, Nany and Wes took out the little team that could.

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It’s getting down to the wire in this cycle of “The Challenge,” and as we near the finale, it’s hard to believe that anyone will be able to take down Johnny Bananas and Sarah. They are like the 2008 New England Patriots going into these final few competitions. No other team even comes close to matching their continually powerful performances.

Sarah and Bananas 'The Challenge Rivals III'

But who knows? Maybe Nicole and Dario will surprise everyone and walk away as “Challenge” winners. That would feel exactly like betting on the Giants in Super Bowl XLII. Just sayin’ …

“The Challenge: Rivals III” airs on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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