Nicole, Sarah and Nicole 'The Challenge Rivals III'

Because Cheyenne and Devin seem to be blessed by the white skull gods, Wednesday’s (July 20) episode of “The Challenge: Rivals III” had Nany and Wes facing Nicole and Dario in The Jungle, which meant the series inadvertently took on last season’s theme, “Battle of the Bloodlines.”

As this was the final elimination before the teams headed into the last challenge of the season in Argentina, cousins Nany and Nicole would have to knock each other out to be eligible to win that final prize money.

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Wes and Nany seemed to be a lock due to size and stature, but the The Jungle competition given required them to crawl through a small caged maze, making Nicole and Dario’s smaller frame an asset to win. Nicole sending the family member who first brought her into the MTV “Challenge” world, and for whom she threw under the bus to make it this far in the competition, wasn’t able to celebrate her win as a normal contestant usually does. She fell to ground and broke down in tears.

Nicole and Nany 'The Challenge Rivals III'

The cousins were able to hug it out in the end, but it was obvious that Nany was hurt. Not only because she wasn’t going to the finals, but because her own family went behind her back in order to stay in the competition. Nicole showed Nany that she cares more about winning a reality TV show than she did about her cousin, and the reality of that seemed to finally hit her the moment she rang the victory bell.

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Family members just don’t do that to each other. Johnny Bananas may be the evil mastermind behind many of these “Challenge” cycles, but he has never done anything to ruin his cousin VInny’s chances of making it to the final round. In fact, Bananas pretty much carried his cousin’s team on his back to Argentina. And now, the teams he and Sarah will face off to win first … it’s pretty much a joke. There’s not a chance either Cheyenne and Devin, Vinny and Jenna or, least of all, Nicole and Dario will ever beat Bananas and Sarah. Consider this cycle of  “The Challenge” already over.

“The Challenge: Rivals III” airs on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.