It's been a long time coming, and on Monday (July 18), Stephen Colbert brought back a familiar face to "The Late Show": Stephen Colbert.

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A rumor hit the Internet on Friday, ahead of his live coverage of The Republican National Convention, that Colbert would not only be having former "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart make an appearance in the episode, but that he'd bring back his conservative alter-ego. Lo and behold, the two rumors merged together in a convergence of epic proportions during the episode, which not only found Stewart living off the grid, but "Colbert Report" Colbert as his roomie.


Multiple bits were played throughout this segment, which brought back Stewart's impeccable spit take talents. Trading Donald Trump jabs with both versions of Colbert, it's hard not to see that this bit of edgy humor has been what "The Late Show" has been missing all along. Is this the beginning of a Stewart comeback as well? With that HBO series of his looming, we absolutely hope so.

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Appearing with trademark Captain America shield and sword, old-school Colbert took over the spotlight and brought back a fan favorite segment: The Word.


It was 11 years ago that Colbert first introduced the word "Truthiness" when "The Colbert Report" premiered. Over a decade later and the host's conservative alter-ego has returned with a new term, "Trumpiness." While Truthiness comes from the gut, Colbert explains that Trumpiness comes from "further down in the digestive tract."

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As the Republican National Convention really hits its stride, one has to wonder what other "Colbert Report" segments may be resurrected for "The Late Show." Sure, this may be the only time we see fake Colbert come out of hiding, but it sure would be nice to see The Threatdown come back for one more go-round. If ever there was a time that would be appropriate, now would be it.