Playing doctor continues to have its rewards for Scott Wolf.

The actor has done several series since “Party of Five,” but the longest of those stays has been in NBC’s medical drama “The Night Shift,” now in its third season Wednesdays. As Scott Clemmens, the chief of surgery at San Antonio Medical Center, he has a past with fellow doctor Jordan Alexander (played by Jill Flint) … who also has a history with colleague TC Callahan (Eoin Macken), a three-way situation that still can stretch emotions, especially when working late hours.

“I feel like the character was drawn to be the foil to TC, the part of the love triangle that was meant to be but was set out to sea at some point,” the friendly Wolf tells Zap2it. “I had worked with the producers before, and 99 times out of 100, that character’s not designed to have real longevity. He was the strong-willed surgeon who came in as sort of an outsider, and because TC’s so beloved in the group, it was going to be difficult for this guy to have any real connectedness in this place.”

However, Wolf notes that “they drew the guy three-dimensionally. He’d be easy to write off, and instead, they chose to make him more interesting … and someone who had enough merit that it wasn’t so easy to know who (Jordan) belonged with. It made it challenging for the audience, and because they allowed the character to have a little more depth, he did become connected to other people and to the place and to the work they’re doing there. And that led to the potential for him to be a much bigger part of the story.”

It also has allowed Wolf — who also played a doctor on “Everwood” and “The Nine,” and whose father works in health care and maternal grandfather was an anesthesiologist — to expand on one of his acting trademarks, which he acknowledges as an “incredibly earnest” persona. However, he adds that “not every character (I play) is me. I’ve done a couple of shows recently where I’ve played characters that have gotten under the audience’s skin in a fun way, but I do feel there’s something to playing a character that feels like it’s coming from a real and organic place inside you.”

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When he’s not wearing hospital scrubs or helping wife Kelley (an alum of MTV’s “The Real World”) with their three children at their Utah home base, Boston native Wolf often is a guest on the syndicated, Craig Ferguson-hosted “Celebrity Name Game” … where he’s proven to be an ace on both sides of the quizzing, in getting and giving clues to famous names.

“Sometimes, a clue is given and it’s that funny game-show thing where you know (the answer) and it’s just sitting there, and getting your mouth to say it is difficult,” muses Wolf, who’s now looking into doing some hosting work himself. “(NBC’s) ‘Hollywood Game Night’ is fun, too. I just love games, so if I could have a parallel career doing those kinds of shows, I’d do it.”