The Rolling Stones and Rice Krispies

It used be very rare to see an A-list celebrity signing on to do commercial work, but now it’s impossible to watch TV and not see some of Hollywood’s biggest stars promoting products in a 30-second ad. It’s fun seeing Tina Fey in her American Express ads. And It’s impossible to think of Minute Maid’s 50/50 orange juice without thinking of Fey’s “30 Rock” co-star Jane Krakowski. Upon seeing DIor perfume, we immediately envision Charlize Theron’s sexy mini-music video ads.

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However, some celebrities don’t quite seem to fit with the brand they are selling. It’s as if companies don’t care who’s pitching their product as long as it’s a recognizable name. And this trend is nothing new. On Thursday (July 28), a Rice Krispies commercial from the early 1960s went viral because the song in the black and white ad was written and performed by The Rolling Stones. Yes, that’s right — the Rolling Stones wrote a cereal jingle. The notorious Hall of Fame rock band was once “Snap, crackle and popping.”

Mr. T for FlavorWave

Mick Jagger and crew are not alone in the, “Huh?” category of random celebrity endorsements. Remember when Mr. T was doing commercials for the FlavorWave Oven Turbo? Because he recorded an entire rap song for kitchenware item, and it’s amazing.

Mila Kunis for Jim Beam

Mila Kunis’ whiskey commercials are currently playing on small screens everywhere. Jim Beam tapped the actress as their spokeswoman, and while she looks great walking around a distillery, are we to believe the “Black Swan” star knows or cares anything about the brown liquor? It’s a hard sell.

Rachel Bilson for Magnum

Hot girls pitching not-so-healthy food items is a long-running trend. Magnum Ice-cream bars tapped the lovely Rachel Bilson for their popsicle commercials. If this feels random, we agree. And it’s hard to believe she eats this delicious-yet-fatty chocolate-covered caramel dessert after the cameraman yells, “That’s a wrap!”

Matthew McConaughey for Lincoln

At first, Matthew McConaughey’s car commercials seemed like a joke. Riffing off his “True Detective” character in 30-second spots that made absolutely no sense immediately became water-cooler talk. But now the Oscar winner, who we’d bet money still doesn’t and would never own a Lincoln, has embraced his new role as their spokesman. Yet, it’s still impossible to see these ads and not think, “Why in the world is Matthew McConaughey doing car ads?!”

Brad Pitt for Chanel

Speaking of weird ads, who can forget Brad Pitt’s uber-strange Chanel ads? They were so angsty they felt like a “Saturday Night Live” fake commercial, but no — they were real. It’s not an odd pairing so much as a really odd ad campaign.