As Jimmy Fallon stated in Thursday's (July 28) episode of "The Tonight Show," Will Smith is one of the world's biggest stars. And for a celebrity of his stature, no ordinary introduction or entrance will do. So, the actor went ahead and did something unexpected -- he workshopped a few different ideas before coming out on top with the most grandiose episode entrance ever.

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It all began as Fallon first introduced the "Suicide Squad" actor, finding Smith enter the stage to The Roots' music. Seemingly unhappy with his performance, he goes backstage for a do-over. Second time is not a charm, though, as Smith opts to roll out in a giant hamster ball. Cute and original? Maybe. But it's definitely not Smith's style.

The third time hitting the stage found a line of dancers, harkening back to the classic "Soul Train" days, with Smith busting out some moves of his own. But, if you thought this disco throwback was the final time the Fresh Prince was to walk onto the stage, you'd be mistaken.

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Going all-in for his piece de resistance, Smith jetted backstage one final time. After Fallon uttered his introduction again, the audience was treated to a church choir with Smith's name emboldened on a big screen behind them.

Amidst the celebration, a horse guided smith onto a rolled out red carpet. As the confetti fell and the dancing commenced, Fallon and Smith bounced joyously straight into a commercial break.