Kristen Wiig and Jimmy Fallon go back a long way, so it's always fun to see the two together when she visits "The Tonight Show." Continuing her ongoing bit where she takes on a role of another famous person who she knows nothing about, Wiig portrayed herself as "The Bachelorette's" JoJo Fletcher during Wednesday's (July 13) visit.

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Entering the stage in a shimmering gown, Wiig -- err, we mean Fletcher -- had an enlightening conversation about the current season of the hit dating competition series. Not only did we find out that JoJo was short for JoJosephina, Fletcher gave us insight on the nicknames she gave her final four suitors.

From "Scotchy" to "Korn," Fletcher lets us in on all the behind-the-scenes secrets. While it's safe to say we never want to know what scotch and butterscotch taste like together, our bets are on Mark Hamill. Even if she's against war ... in space ... it's hard not to root for anyone named Mark Hamill. For obvious (Jedi) reasons, of course.