It's common for celebrities to stick together because fame ... well fame is a surprising, yet fickle beast. This is something "Mr. Robot's" Rami Malek is catching onto real quick. Going into Season 2 of the USA Network hit, Malek stopped by "The Tonight Show" on Wednesday (July 13) and the conversation soon turned to life changes.

When Jimmy Fallon asked him about the big money rolling in, Malek admitted he did splurge on something huge. "Did I splurge? I bought a student loan, and I paid it off." Talk about a wise purchase!

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But aside from that milestone, it turns out "Mr. Robot" is generating some big name fandom. According to Malek, "Avengers" star Robert Downey, Jr. reached out to the actor several times. However, since it was coming through email, Malek thought the identity to be a fake.

"He emailed me and I was like, 'Yeah right. Who's this asshole?," Malek explains. It took a friend of Malek's to explain it definitely was the real guy reaching out and soon Mr. Downey, Jr. was visiting the set of "Mr. Robot" watching Malek at work.

"He came on set and it was pretty spectacular," Malek says. "He watched me act which, kind of like, made me freeze for a couple takes." We'd freeze, too, Rami. We'd freeze, too.