The 'Scandal' election

Since the Republican and Democratic National Conventions have taken over primetime TV, it’s hard not to think about how these candidates and their speeches so closely mirror Season 5 of “Scandal.”

Even though Shonda Rhimes wrote those episodes months in advance, it felt a bit eerie how much it matched the political drama currently happening in America. And unfortunately, the redundancy of it all made the dramatic series — starring Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope and Tony Goldwyn as President Grant — feel quite boring.

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Soon after, ABC announced that the Season 6 premiere of “Scandal” would be bumped until Spring of 2017. Now, that’s a really long time to wait between seasons — heck, that’s a bigger production break than one of Ms. Pope’s wine glasses.

Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope 'Scandal'

So Zap2it couldn’t help but wonder: Why do audiences have to wait a whole year before “Scandal” returns with new episodes?

Was this push made to distance the series from the current political climate? Are they hoping a real-life time jump can help refresh the White House drama?

While it’s scary to admit, there’s little Shonda Rhimes can write that will be more shocking or compelling than what’s happening right now in Washington, D.C. And with the way Season 5 came to a close, perhaps a fast forward on the series’ story can help bypass some even more redundant storylines.

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However, the real reason behind the push is not due to the current presidential election. ABC bumped “Scandal” because Washington announced that she has a bump of her own! After the 39- year-old actress announced that she was pregnant with her second child, the network decided to wait until after she gave birth to start production back up.

Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope on 'Scandal'

The series covered up Washington’s first pregnancy during Season 3 with large coats and suitcases. So, instead of writing a pregnancy storyline into Season 6, ABC and the Shonda Rhimes crew probably felt it easier to wait until Washington is ready to return to work after her delivery.

It’d probably make more sense, story-wise. And, it goes without saying, there is no “Scandal” without the show’s lead gladiator.