“Wayward Pines” has been a bit uneven in Season 2, with several standout episodes peppered in among a few that largely felt like the show was spinning its wheels before the next big action-packed episode. Luckily for viewers, Wednesday’s (July 20) episode, “Walcott Prep,” was one of the former and has set up what looks to be a slam-bang finish to the season next week.

The latest episode offered a more detailed look at how two of Season 2’s main players, Jason Higgins (Tom Stevens) and Kerry Campbell (Kacey Rohl), came to be in charge of Wayward Pines. In an icky-but-awesome twist, it turns out Kerry is Jason’s mother, but he of course didn’t know that when he chose her to be awakened from her pod and become his Lady Macbeth.

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It makes total (albeit warped) sense that he would be drawn to his mother’s photo and file information and neither one of them would have any way of knowing. It’s also easy to see how someone as unhinged as Jason would take this bombshell and strike out at Kerry rather than trying to work things out.

Fortunately, when the gun goes off, the final frames of the episode seem to show that Jason is the one dying, not Kerry. It’s a fitting end to such a dangerous person, killed by his own gun as he lashes out in blind rage.  But Jason has been a bigger threat to the town in Season 2 than the army of Abbies gathering outside the gates, so it’s nice to see that his dictator-like tendencies and cruelty will not completely torpedo the town.

So Kerry seemingly lives to fight on beside Dr. Yedlin (Jason Patric), Xander (Josh Helman), CJ (Djimon Hounsou) and the rest of the town. The only question is, is Season 2 going to end the same way Season 1 did, with a “Purge”-like invasion of Abbies? Or can the reasonable leaders of Wayward Pines find a solution that will see less loss of life now that psycho Jason is out of the way?