Get ready, “Wayward Pines” fans, because Season 2 just got awesome with Wednesday’s (July 6) episode “Time Will Tell.” This was easily its best episode to date, bouncing back and forth between some insightful flashbacks and a harrowing present-day situation.

The flashbacks

wayward pines djimon hounsou Was this the best episode of Wayward Pines so far?

First off, we have to talk about the flashbacks. It’s no coincidence that Djimon Hounsou is a two-time Academy Award nominee. Watching his portrayal of CJ “The Duster” Mitchum as he awoke every 20 years to check on the world’s status was beautiful and heartbreaking. It was also a fascinating peek into how Wayward Pines became what it did. Hounsou has been an outstanding addition to Season 2 and nothing proved that more than “Time Will Tell.”

The present

Meanwhile, the Abbies are set to wage war on the town because the humans have captured their leader, whom Megan (Hope Davis) has dubbed “Margaret.” The show has spun its wheels a bit in this regard for the last couple weeks, but it all came to a thrilling head when Dr. Yedlin (Jason Patric) began communicating with Margaret, only to have Jason (Tom Stevens) be so blinded by his love of power and fear of losing control that he ruins all the progress Yedlin has made by killing three Abbies they’re holding captive.

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But that wasn’t even the climax, not really. In the episode’s waning moments, Margaret got out of her cage and (rather awesomely) killed Megan in an incredibly stealthy, creepy way … and then just walked out of the lab.

wayward pines hope davis Was this the best episode of Wayward Pines so far?

Oh, it is on now.

The final few episodes of “Wayward Pines” Season 2 should prove to be a thrilling roller coaster. Buckle in.