It’s been three days since Season 1 of “Preacher” ended on AMC and for those who invested in the 10-episode run, one question keeps coming to mind: What was the point?

Obviously there was a lot of groundwork to lay, finding a variety of small nods to the Garth Ennis story and Easter eggs spread throughout. Yet, with a solid 42 minutes devoted to each episode, one has to wonder … could they have told the story better?

What we do know is that Sam Catlin, Seth Rogen and the rest of the team behind-the-scenes were dead-set on establishing a backstory to the characters of Jesse (Dominic Cooper), Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) and Tulip (Ruth Negga). That right there is reason enough to give a prequel to the story that comic book fans already know.

But the slow burn that transpired over the first half of the season, the bonkers second half and that (literally) explosive ending keeps making us scratch our heads. Was Season 1 necessary as a whole? Probably not. But it did enough to introduce audiences unfamiliar with the source material to the crazy tone the series will most likely continue with in Season 2.

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Plus, it probably helped to throw in a bunch of Ennis’ crazy characters throughout these first episodes, even if for just a split second, to have some sort of established baseline moving forward.

Since the city of Annville went down the crapper, we believe Season 2 will begin from a clean slate of sorts. And while the established relationship of the characters will continue to be in play, as well as their mission to track down God, it’s a safe assumption their past in Annville will be a thing of … well, the past.

So, where are Jesse, Cassidy and Tulip going from here? There is so much the show can do with its second season. It’s worth noting Catlin’s inclination to go off-book from the source material. But whichever way they explore the story, Zap2it has the 3 things necessary to make “Preacher” Season 2 a worthwhile one.

The Saint of Killers

preacher season 1 saint of killers graham mctavish 3 things we want from Preacher Season 2

For as much time as The Cowboy (Graham McTavish) appeared on screen, “Preacher” fans only got a small taste of who and what The Saint of Killers is in the grand scheme of things. DeBlanc (Anatol Yusef) and Fiore (Tom Brooke) took a trip to Hell in order to give the man an assignment: kill Jesse Custer. If this character follows the comic-book canon, nothing will get in his path to stop him from his rage-fueled goal.

A closer look at Jesse’s family


One thing “Preacher” was able to do in the season’s second half was to really explain how deep Jesse’s daddy issues go. Let’s not mince words here, the Custer family drama is very dark and even more messed up than you can imagine. Jesse has held onto the guilt of his father’s death, but one thing you do not see in the clips shown on the show thus far, is who are the ones responsible for John Custer’s (Nathan Darrow) death. For those not familiar with the comic-book story, you’re in for a world of hurt.

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Herr Starr, the Allfather and The Grail

herr starr preacher amc possibilities 3 things we want from Preacher Season 2

This is the trifecta right here. Viewers caught a very brief glimpse of Herr Starr early on in Season 1 of “Preacher.” A huge shift in the story has him somehow connected to Jesse and Tulip’s criminal past — at least that was the twist as presented in the episode, titled “The Possibilities.” If there are any characters necessary in telling the “Preacher” story right — aside from Jesse, Cassidy and Tulip — it’d be Herr Starr, the Allfather and The Grail.

Long story short, the three connected pieces to the whole apocalyptic puzzle has one perverse ex-soldier (Herr Starr) teaming up with the leader (Allfather) of a worldwide organization (The Grail) set on bringing on the end of the world.

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It sounds complicated because it is. And it’s weird, gross and all sorts of violent. Honestly, we have no idea how AMC will tackle this bit of the story but with the news that Herr Starr will be featured in Season 2, our hopes are high that “Preacher” will deliver once Season 2 returns to AMC.