Thursday (Aug. 18) marks the return of A&E’s experimental series, “60 Days In.” Eight new volunteers are heading into Indiana’s Clark County Jail to hopefully help improve the correctional facility’s internal operations. The notion is an intriguing one, but also quite dangerous and it’s one that may make audiences everywhere scratch their heads in unison, asking: Why would you do that!?

But after being introduced to Season 2’s cast, it becomes quite clear how varied those reasons are. From searching to find a deeper connection with a loved one to the search for knowledge, each person has their own justifiable reasons behind giving up their freedom for two months.

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That being said, it’s become clear after watching the Season 2 premiere that some people’s chances of sticking out the entire 60 days are better than others. It’s still early in this undercover mission, but Zap2it is here to introduce you to the cast and break down where things stand.


Of all the volunteers heading into the Clark County correctional facility, it feels like Quintin has the best shot at lasting the entire two month stay. Not only is he former law enforcement, but he’s coming to this challenge with a calm stature that should make any prisoner keep their distance. It’s the strong quiet types that come off the most foreboding.

Chances: From everything we’ve seen, we feel that Quintin will complete his sentence.


Monalisa has a solid purpose for going into this program and it has everything to do with her daughter Sierra. Before entering Clark County Jail, Monalisa created an organization called Parents with Incarcerated Children and is a strong proponent for fixing the criminal justice system.

With mandatory minimums being one of the many pieces to this puzzle she believes needs fixing, Monalisa goes into the program with the goal of connecting with her daughter while also looking to regain trust in law enforcement. If anything, it’s that jaded distrust that may find her fitting right in with the other prisoners.

Chances: Given her goals to connect with her daughter and fix the broken system, we feel Monalisa has the focus needed to make it the entire 60 days.


Ashleigh made a surprise visit to the Clark County Jail in Season 1 to visit her husband Zachary Baker. The army veteran took part in the incarceration experiment in the show’s freshman season and was very popular with viewers. Now it’s his wife’s turn. What makes Ashleigh a wild card in this scenario is her party past and history with drug addiction. She’s going in with the intention of helping to find where the drugs are coming into the women’s block, but her looks and past may act as both a blessing and a curse.

Chances: Given the fact that her husband made it through, we feel Ashleigh has a good shot in following in his footsteps.


Sheri is an interesting case. A former corrections officer, she ended up leaving her profession to become a full time mother when her husband was deployed overseas. Itching to get back to work, she has decided to go into lock up to see what it’s like on the other side of the fence.

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While she has the prison knowledge from her previous job, it’s hard to know if she has what it takes to last. And after Thursday’s episode, it already looks like the prisoners in her pod have formed opinions about her … and none of them are good.

Chances: Sheri has a good chance of making it, but she’s started off her sentence on the wrong foot with her fellow inmates. It’ll be an uphill battle to regain that trust.


Dion’s an interesting case as he is choosing to get locked up to better his understanding of the criminal justice system. A graduate student with an interest in criminal law, he comes off unafraid of the situation he’s putting himself in. Continually stating that these are the people he grew up with on the streets, something tells us Dion is going to get a wake up call once he really acclimates to his surroundings.

Chances: We’re unsure how far Dion will go, but it’ll probably be best for him to add some emotional urgency to his current situation.


Terrified of jail, Chris went into Clark County with fears and preconceived notions of his surroundings. We haven’t seen much of his experience as of yet — he’ll be processed in next week’s episode — but things don’t look to be boding well for him. His drive is to understand his brother on a deeper level. Here’s hoping he doesn’t leave lockup just as scarred.

Chances: By the looks of things, Chris will be having a tough time soon enough. If those tears in the Episode 2 preview have anything to say for it, we don’t think he’ll be completing his two month stay.


You always hear in TV and movies that you gotta walk into prison with confidence and a tough attitude. Unfortunately, Brian didn’t take that note. The lawyer was immediately harassed upon being placed in his pod. Out of his element and outnumbered, it’s uncertain how his stay will effect him.

Chances: Things don’t look good for Brian. Already a target, it feels like he needs to stand up for himself soon. If not, he won’t have a chance of lasting.


Ryan is a former military medic with a substantial intellect, and that intelligence may be his downfall. As soon as he entered his pod, he was questioned by the other prisoners, who began to find holes in his backstory. The rumor is quickly spreading that he’s a plant. If he doesn’t change the perspective, things won’t end well for him.

Chances: No one likes a know-it-all and Ryan’s intellect and ego puts him in a horrible position. Will he make it the entire 60 days? We don’t think so.