Every day we get closer to the Season 6 premiere of “American Horror Story,” another fan theory pops up worth scrutinizing. There are many ideas floating around out there to ponder. And while the Lady Gaga Croatoan theory is an intriguing notion, one idea that just doesn’t fly is the Charles Manson theory.

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This idea got started after FX released snippets of their new teasers on Snapchat in July. Honing in on the “Lullaby” clip, a Twitter account by the name of @CreepyCatalog made a connection of the creepy mobile to Sharon Tate’s murder.

Honestly, we didn’t see the word “PIG” in the image until viewing the tweet in question. And while that seems like a really intriguing find, everything else here feels like pulling a forced meaning that isn’t meant to be there at all.

Other details from the current promotional campaign have popped up, leading many to wonder if the Manson girls will make an appearance in Season 6. The red 6 that has appeared in multiple clips have many finding links to a possible satanic cult. We’ve even asserted this notion ourselves, but those leaked set photos feel like any cult featured in the story will be one from the 16th century and not the 1960s.

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The final image that may back up a Manson theme is the FX promo image showing a woman — possibly Lady Gaga — with spiders coming out of her eyes. Since Charles Manson has been known for his spider obsession — depicting them in different artistic means — some have found this to be a connection to him. Others, though, will probably just look at the below image and get the creeps.

It’s common knowledge now that FX is playing with the minds of “American Horror Story” fans far and wide. Figuring out which trailer is real and which isn’t could very well be the most annoying exercise in patience. But, we can safely say that a Charles Manson theme for the new season won’t happen. Why? It’s simple really: the idea is played out.

How many different ways will Manson appear on television before audiences grow tired of exploring the same horrific story from different angles? The David Duchovny series “Aquarius” shows a pre-Sharon Tate Manson, while Lifetime’s “Manson’s Lost Girls” follows the story of an accomplice in the infamous “Helter Skelter” murder spree.

Yes, we only mentioned two programs inspired by the man … but do we need more?

Then, there is Evan Peters’ new look? It’s hard not to see the resemblance here.

A photo posted by Evan Peters (@booboodaddy) on

Upon looking at Peters’ IMDB page, it may be safe to deduce he used the above look for his starring role in the upcoming movie, “Where the White Man Runs Away.” As well, the image was taken back in April and shooting for Season 6 didn’t begin until June 6th. But still, it’s hard to look at that image and not think Charles Manson.

And let’s not forget, Ryan Murphy does have a soft spot for killers. Just look at the “Devil’s Night” episode of “Hotel” and you’ll see a plethora of murderers come to life on screen. With all signs pointing to something demonic heading our way in Season 6, tapping into the Manson story just seems out of the cards. It just wouldn’t fit.

And while Murphy did previously say he wanted to do a season devoted to Manson, the issue of life rights and respecting the victims came into play.

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“I want to do an entire season about the [Charles] Manson case,” Murphy told Deadline. “But then we decided that wasn’t respectful to the victims, and it’s really hard to get life rights.”

That seems like a clear answer right there. But, Murphy continued: “We might go back to the Manson thing in some regard one day.” That’s cool and all …  but please don’t. This man has received enough attention over the past five decades as it is.

“American Horror Story” Season 6 premieres Wednesday, September 14, at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FX.