Here’s some interesting news for “American Horror Story” fans out of the 2016 summer TV press tour Tuesday (Aug. 9) — the promos for the upcoming sixth season have been misleading.

FX CEO John Landgraf reveals that he, creator Ryan Murphy and FX’s head of marketing Stephanie Gibbons thought that in regards to “AHS” Season 6 theme, “it would really be fun to keep it a mystery” this year.

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As for the promos the network has been releasing, which seem to be touching on a variety of horror genres, Landgraf says, “One of them is accurate. The others are all misdirects, so we’re just having fun with it, and we just thought that would be a nice change. After five years of doing it one way, we thought we’d do it a different way.”

He reassures fans that there is “a theme and a setting and a place and time,” but viewers will have to wait until the show premieres to know what it is. Now, based on some leaked set photos, it seems like a few promos are more likely than others, but even so, Zap2it is wondering which promo fans hope is the real promo. A quick refresher:

‘Sunset Stroll’

A creepy family with glowing eyes talks a walk at night, clad in what kind of looks like mourning garb.

‘What’s Cooking?’

The sound of chainsaws and screaming echo as the camera frames an isolated plains states farmhouse — and it’s called “what’s cooking?” “Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” anyone?


The “People Under the Stairs” reach out for someone fearfully running down them.


A demon baby reaching for a knife.

‘Milli Crossing’

A millipede crawls over the face of a young girl.

‘Post Op’

A wretched, human-like creature has his head stapled after some kind of brain surgery.

Which one do you hope is the real deal? Vote now in our poll. “American Horror Story” returns Sept. 14 on FX.