Reading the headline of the article, you’re probably thinking someone off stage was victim to a stray flaming arrow shot by young Sofie Dossi. That’s not the case at all. During Tuesday’s (Aug. 2) live taping of “America’s Got Talent,” the performing duo of Ryan Stock and Amber Lynn went into a performance of their “super human stunts.”

Previously, the act featured things you’d see in a circus sideshow and here, they were once again going for the gut with a cringeworthy stunt that had Stock swallowing a long metal rod. Once down his gullet, the audience was able to see a bullseye on the end of it and soon, Amber Lynn was aiming a flaming arrow at the man’s mouth.

With the multitude of crazy performances on the show, the setup felt like old hat but everyone was soon dealt a clear wakeup call that this was indeed a live show. Either Stock slightly shifted in position or Amber Lynn’s aim needs work, but the arrow slightly missed the target and hit the man in the neck.

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While the above Youtube clip cuts away before the ordeal, Twitter had a plethora of reactions to the accident. Needless to say, Stock did his best to quell concerns by saying, “I’m okay, it got my shirt, I’m okay.”