It feels like the Travel Channel has been trying to fill the Anthony Bourdain void over the past few years, and it may have finally accomplished its mission with “Andrew Zimmern’s Driven By Food.” Zimmern is a familiar name, but this new show breaks away from the “Bizarre Foods” formula and focuses more on his travels and the different cultural experiences he encounters all over the world.

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In Zap2it’s exclusive clip, Zimmern finds a deeper understanding of the Buddhist culture in Bangkok. Accompanied by professional Muy Thai fighter Sylvie Von Duuglas-Ittu, Zimmern meets her teacher, Arjan. Given that he practices the sacred art of sak yant — which is an ancient style of tattooing in sacred geometric forms — Zimmern decides it’s the perfect time to get some ink.

Our host opens up a bit about his “bad guy” past while also acknowledging his father’s recent passing. The method of pounding the ink into his flesh may have been painful but, as Sylvie states in the clip, “pain brings faith.” Through the anguish, Zimmern seems to find some peace in the process. And by the looks of things, the permanent design should help him maintain patience, tolerance and understanding throughout his daily life.

“Andrew Zimmern’s Driven By Food” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Travel Channel.