Gio 'Are You the One?'

The competition for the most insane male contestant on Season 4 of “Are You the One?” is a fierce battle. Just when viewers thought Asaf had it in the bag, out comes John with his extreme machismo and ridiculously glib views on life. And now here’s Gio, who after abruptly cutting things off with Kaylen, has jumped so far into the deep end of the crazy pool, we truly wonder if MTV did a psych evaluation before letting him onto the show.

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While Gio’s antics must be driving every cast member to their breaking point, he’s a fascinating focal point for audiences at home. No one knows what going to come out of this kid’s mouth. How does he know Julia is his perfect match? “I’m the only person playing with my third eye,” Gio says. “[Julia and Stephen’s] souls don’t match.”

Well, that explains it, right? No one in the house can seem to get it through to Gio that Julia wants nothing to do with him. Not even Julia herself and she has definitely tried. Gio’s belief that Julia is his true soul mate is scary obsessive. He physically lashes out at anyone that steps to him.

Julia and Gio 'Are You the One?'

However, as much as we hate to say it, there might be something to Gio’s self-proclaimed special third eye powers. Because matching people with who they are actually attracted to and connecting with doesn’t seem to be working out very well. The cast voted Victoria and Cam into the Truth Booth only to discover that they were not meant to be. Then during the evening’s match ceremony, other than the two couples already living in their honeymoon suites, the group only got two matches right.

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That’s two matches out of eight, a pathetic stat to have this late in the game. So, while it’s well understood that Gio is off his rocker, especially since this deleted scene reveals that amidst all the obsessive Julia talk, Gio is also hitting up Francesca at night, he may actually be right — Julia could very well turn out to be his perfect match. And Stephen might be “a sheep in a wolf’s costume,” as Gio, says.

OK, we don’t actually agree with that last statement at all, but it is true that even if Julia doesn’t like Gio, and Gio knows nothing about Julia, the two could still technically be each other’s penguin based on whatever science MTV uses to decipher such a thing. It’s getting down to the wire, so this group may need to resort to drinking Gio’s Kool-Aid, and “respect the fucking Alpha” to have a chance of winning that $1 million prize.

“Are You the One?” airs on Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.