Nicole 'Are You the One?' Season 4

While they are all very pretty to look at, the current cast members of “Are You the One?” are not very bright. To use Francesca’s exact words, they need to “do things more smartlier” in order to win the grand prize money, which after last week’s blackout has been reduced from $1 million to $750,000. Francesca actually has extreme difficulty subtracting $250,000 from $1 million, so let’s hope the cast isn’t depending on her brain to chime in and figure out all 10 matches.

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This finale will be both frustrating and hilarious to watch because many people, along with Zap2it, have already figured out everyone’s perfect match by using basic process of elimination. Viewers will want to bang their heads against the wall throughout these last two episodes as these housemates pray for “the luck” to figure out everyone’s match. “You don’t need luck!” we want to scream at the TV. Seriously, there’s no luck involved whatsoever anymore.

'Are You the One?' Season 4

For those needing a refresher as we go into tonight’s season finale, here are six things you need to know before watching:

1. Two more Truth Booths

The cast will get two more major opportunities to make their job of figuring everyone’s match even easier.

2. Gio is still a mad man

He’s going to lose a rap battle to Tori and then get so childishly upset, he again starts fighting with Kaylen. This guy wins the award for most transformed cast member of the season, and for all the worst reasons. He needs help.

3. Asaf should never have kids

Asaf Goren 'Are You the One?'

Tonight you will learn what Asaf wants to name his first-born child, which he assumes will be a boy and who we already feel sorry for.  With all the crazy celebrity kids’ names out there, you think you’ve heard the worst of them all — you have not.

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4. Nobody wants to be paired with Tyler

Tyler 'Are You the One?' Season 4

There are a few guys that every girl is praying is not their match, but none more so than Tyler. If you’re thinking, “Tyler who?” — you’re not alone. After proving to be so unlikable during the first episode, it appears production cut out most of his scenes. He’s had the least screen time out of anyone and nobody’s complaining about it.

5. None of the girls like Julia

Julia Rose 'Are You the One?'

Even though Gio has some serious issues, Tyler is annoying, Emma’s a whiner, Francesca can’t do math and Asaf is wildly narcissistic, Julia is the least liked person in the house. Keep an eye out for all the stares she receives from the other female cast mates. It’s intense how much they all don’t like her and it’s pretty entertaining to watch.

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6. Get ready for a rumble

Tori 'Are you the One?' Season 4

It wouldn’t be an MTV reality show if there wasn’t at least one major brawl to break out, right? Get ready for glasses to break and security to jump in. And yes, Gio is definitely a part of it … and there will be a lot of tears.

“Are You the One’s” two-hour season finale episode airs on Monday, Aug. 15, at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.