'Are You the One?' Season 4

Things were touch and go for the Season 4 cast of “Are You the One?” It took all 10 drama-filled episodes for everyone to put aside their emotions and play the game strategically.

After getting a major boost of information from their final two successful Truth Booths, the contestants were able put the pieces together and eke out the win. Even though they didn’t take home the full $1 million grand prize … $750,000 is not too shabby.

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While some of these perfect matches look like they could be set for marital glory, there are a few which makes us question the show’s overall science. Even though it was mathematically possible to figure out this season’s matches after episode 8, here’s the list of this cycle’s “perfect matches.”

  • Prosper & Emma
  • Asaf & Kaylen
  • John & Victoria
  • Gio & Francesca
  • Tyler & Camille
  • Cam & Julia
  • Tori & Morgan
  • Stephen & Nicole
  • Alyssa & Sam
  • Mikayla & Cameron

So which couples have what it takes to make it for the long haul? In our opinion: less than half. Many of them openly admit during the finale ceremony that they have zero desire to pursue any sort of relationship with their assigned match. Take that, science! The heart wants what it wants.

Who will stay together and who won’t? Zap2it has some predictions:

Going to give things a real shot

Tori and Morgan

These two are weirdly cute together. The odds of this lasting past a few months are not great. But they seem to genuinely be crushing hard on each other, and will at least want to see where things can go.

Tori and Morgan 'Are You the One?' Season 4

Mikayla and Cameron

Adorably attracted to each other since day one, our money is on them getting hitched and settling down with kids in a few years.

Cameron and Mikala 'Are You the One' perfect match

Alyssa and Sam

This match seemed to come out of nowhere, but they were Truth Booth confirmed early on in the series. We have doubts these two will ever walk down the aisle together — being that this deleted scene reveals just how different their core values are — but they’re fun to cheer for nonetheless.

Sam and Alyssa 'Are You the One'

Romance, unlikely

Tyler and Camille

Both contestants claim that the one thing they have in common is that they both seem really unlikable at first. But, they say they turn out to be good people once you get to know them. We agree on this statement in regards to Camille.

Tyler and Camille 'Are You the One' Season 4

John and Victoria

When a guy tells an insecure girl that she looks like “a fat whale” … well, he’s lucky he didn’t leave this show with two black eyes. Victoria can do a lot better, and she will.

John and Victoria 'Are You the One' Season 4

Asaf and Kaylen

This is the match that wins the award for most random. Or maybe it’s just difficult to envision Asaf in a dedicated relationship with anyone other than himself. In the finale, the Israeli hip-hop dancer says that he may be “in love with Francesca.” This budding relationship is the most likely to end up in a horribly dramatic break-up.

Asaf and Kaylen 'Are You the One' Season 4

Prosper and Emma

Nope. This is a hard NO. These two probably won’t even follow each other on Instagram, let alone date.

Prosper and Emma 'Are You the One' Season 4

Gio and Francesca

Francesca slept with Gio but it was only to grab Asaf’s attention. This pair would never work out for so many other reasons. First: Francesca still only has eyes for Asaf. And second: Gio is borderline insane. He’s got a lot to work before he can be in a relationship. There are more reasons, but we’ll just leave it at that.

Gio and Francesca 'Are You the One'

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The emotionally ambiguous wildcard

Cam and Julia

Julia would flirt with a couch cushion if it were able to show emotion. She led on nearly every guy in the house, an attribute which quickly made her the most disliked female on the show.

Then there’s Cam, who said maybe a total of 10 words though out the entire season, so it was difficult to know who, if anyone, he was actually into. Especially, after he got drunk, hooked up with Victoria and forgot the whole thing ever happened.

Cam and Julia ' Are You the One' Season 4

Neither of these two are ready to commit to a serious relationship. And Julia’s probably already dating someone new, while at the same time stringing along four other dudes on the side. That’s just how she rolls.