'Are You the One?' Season 4 perfect matches revealed

What is it that makes for true love? It’s safe to say that there is no science or mathematical equation to figure which two people belong together, if MTV’s dating competition show “Are You the One?” is any indication.

Truth Booth, shmooth booth, amirite? Because the science and personality tests used to figure out these 20-something singles’ perfect matches don’t take in consideration the No. 1 killer of most relationships: timing.

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While secluded in a mansion in Hawaii, it’s easy to fall in love. Separated from all work responsibilities, zero distractions from the outside world, a person can fully focus on the relationship at hand. But once the the couples leave paradise, things get a bit more difficult. And with many of the contestants’ main priority being to build off their fame from being on the show, putting in work on their relationship falls by the way side.

For all these reasons, very few couples stay together after the cameras stop rolling on “Are You the One?” From Season 4, only one perfect match is giving it a real go. That special couple is the pair who seemed to be love at first sight, and the first couple approved by the Truth Booth: Mikala and Cameron.

The rest is still unwritten…

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According to MTV, Mikameron are still going strong. The two have moved in together and recently adopted a cat named Chicken Nugget.

Nugget the baby savage 💤 A little cat nap after jumping into the toilet

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They are also best friends with former castmate Sam, which is equal parts random and totally adorable.

Sam… the ultimate third wheel 🙈

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So if this is the only couple still together, that means Morgan and Tori have called it quits, which is not surprising. Nor is the fact Tori, an aspiring rapper, then wrote a song about it.

Also not shocking news is that Sam and Alyssa are also dunzo. Alyssa tweeted out how things went down between the two of them once filming ended.

The rest of the perfect matches on Season 4 were doomed from the get-go. Kaylen and Asaf? Please. John and Victoria? Goodness, no. So, why are Mikala and Cameron able to make things work? They made the effort.

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Originally living on opposite coasts, Mikala was ready and willing to relocate in order to make this relationship work. “It was definitely weird transitioning and being in the real world,” Mikala says. “We wanted to take a few trips back and forth to see if we worked in the real world, because it’s very different living in the house.”

But Mikameron still enjoyed each other’s company outside MTV’s Honeymoon Suite in which “you have no choice but to be together 24/7,” Mikaya says. “And being out of the house, we’re together 24/7 anyway – and I don’t think we would want it any other way.”


Cameron and Mikala 'Are You the One' perfect match

“Everything he lacks, I have. And everything that I lack, he has. It’s all about balance,” Mikala says. While the two aren’t ready to walk down the aisle like Season 1 favorites Amber and Ethan Diamond, they are ready to adopt another pet. “Were getting a puppy,” Cameron says. With Mikala adorably chiming in, “It’s our practice round.”

The other couple giving things a real shot, even though they were not established as a perfect match, is Stephen and Julia!

Julia and Stephen 'Are You the One' Season 4

Stephen was clearly in love with Julia from the get-go while Julia remained obnoxiously aloof, leading half the men in the house to believe they had a shot with her. She was also visibly upset to discover Stephen was not her perfect match. This information seemed to really throw her for a loop and dampen her belief that things could ever work out with him. But there was actually a different reason entirely as to why she was quick to shut things down.

On Friday (Aug. 19), the two revealed via Periscope, which was later posted on YouTube for all who missed the live reveal, their entire relationship history. In the confessional, Julia admits that she was “selfish” and actually had no intention of giving anyone a shot on the show because she was already in a relationship. “But then along came Stephen …” Julia says, and they were able to give things a shot once she broke things off with her guy back home.

Sounds like a mess true love! What do you think? Will Stephen and Julia make it?